Friday, May 2, 2008

SJC Girls' Futsal (SJCGFL)_01.05.08

Following the success of the Boys' Football league and in response to the request of many parents, Subang Jaya Community Girls' Futsal League was introduced in 2004. This league is open to girls between the ages of 6-18 and is scheduled from June to August.

The SJC Girls' Futsal League follows the same concept of the Boys' league where the parents are given the opportunity to get involved as coaches, team helpers and volunteers for the teams. Similarly, the core values of the league i.e. unity, teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, service and family, are emphasised.

The SJC Girls' League has grown from a modest participation of 46 girls in 2004 to 95 girls in 2007. Our involvement in the organising the league from 2004 is due to the active participation of Krishnapriya. Our daughter like the majority of the girls enjoy the friendship and comradeship fostered during the tournament and eagerly look forward for the following year. The success of the League is due to the active participation and support from the parents and volunteers.

Krishnapriya (third in red) with her friends in the first league in 2004.

2007 SJCGL Players
The SJ Girls' League season is kicking off again this year. We are hoping to emulate last year's success. The Organising committee met on 1st May at Syed Bistro Restaurant, USJ to start the ball rolling. We are starting our registration early so that we have enough players for the skills assessment at our new venue at HTO de Futsal, Jalan Subang 5 on the 7th June.
2008 Organising Committee: Mark, Ida, Raj, Yasmin, Chitra, Teresa and Mary Koh.
The following is our 2008 Organising Committee:
General: K.Sundraraj, Farouk
Technical: Arikerisnen, K.Sundraraj, Mark
Accounts: P.Chitra

Major Division : Nithia Ruby & P. Chitra
Senior Division : Mary Koh & Yasmin
Premier Division : Ida & Teresa

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Farouk said...

Well done...sjcgfl is now an institution! Looking forward to kick-off day