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Scrabble Scramble 2008_Beginners Category_17.05.08

The Scrabble Scramble 2008 was organised by Eventus Asia at Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur on 17th and 18th May 2008. There were three categories in this tournament i.e. Open, Under 18 and Beginners. Both Krishnapriya and myself took part in the Beginners category which had 2 mini tournaments of 5 games each played on Saturday and Sunday.

Day 1 Beginners Tournament

On the first day, there were only nine players who registered . I was requested to make up the numbers to ten players. Priya's classmates Looi Yih Feng and Vinnith also took part. The older generation was represented by Azlan Adnan and myself.
Round 5: Playing against Azlan
After 5 rounds, I managed to win twice, draw twice and lose once, collecting three points. It was an incredible stoke of luck that I managed to draw my last two games in a row by finishing first and adding up my opponents unused tiles value. Quite a feat in Scrabbles to draw twice, which earned me a fourth placing consolation prize.
Round 5: Priya playing against Nadzary

Priya played well but faced tougher opponents. She managed to win twice and achieved a credible sixth placing.
Azlan Adnan became Champion with 4 wins and a draw with me.
Consolation winner 4th placing_ Hamper and medal
Day 1 Champion Beginners Category Azlan Adnan

Day 2 Beginners Tournament

20 participants took part in Day 2. Competition was tougher with the participation of students from Sekolah Alam Shah, Putrajaya and fathers ( Ker Ken Wa, Kang Eng Lee and Subramanian) whose sons were playing in other categories.
Round 1: Playing against Muhd Nasram
Round 2: Priya playing against Subramanian
Round 5: Priya playing against Shirley Ujhazy
This time, I won three games finishing seventh and Priya won twice to finish 12th. Surprised that I won another hamper and medal in the consolation category! Ker Ken We became Champion after being undefeated in 5 games.

Another consolation prize and medal.
Day 2 Champion Ker Ken We

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