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SJC Girls' Futsal Memories_16.05.08

Following the success of Boy's Football League and in response to the request of many parents and sisters, the Girls’ Futsal League was introduced in 2004 in Subang Jaya. The league which is open to girls between the ages of 6-18, was scheduled to run between the months of June and August after the completion of the Boys' League in May. The league started with two divisions i.e. Senior and Premiers and in 2007, the Majors division was added due to increased participation.

2007 Season Winners

Chitra and myself have been involved from the inception of the Girls' Futsal League in 2004 as part of the Organising Committee due to our daughter's, Priya, participation in the league. Just like the Boy's League, all the coaches, team helpers, league officials and volunteers are parents. It has given the opportunity for the families to come together and get involved in their daughters lives.

It has been an enjoyable journey and just like everyone who has been involved, we cherish the memories we shared. Along the way, Priya has blossomed from a shy girl to a more confident and outgoing girl.

2004 Seniors Division - Team Opal
Priya, in red, second from front
Priya's first team in the Seniors Division is Team Opal. I volunteered as coach for the team. We came up with our team chant "Opal, Opal, Go for Goal". Her team mates include Aishah Suraya, Meneesha, Amber and Jun Yi. After a titanic battle with Team Emerald coached by Glenn Ginder, we emerged as Champions!

2005 Seniors Division - Team Discovery
Divya (right sitting) joined her cousin Priya (left standing)
The second season of the Girls' Futsal league was the most challenging. Only twelve girls registered for the Major division which was not enough to form four teams unlike the Senior and Premier Divison. The Major girls were given two set of jerseys and they would draw lots and divided into two teams to play against each other. The winners were given token prizes. Even though there were no champions for the division for that year, the girls managed to forge friendship and comradeship between them.

2006 Senior Division - Team Jade
Priya, left second standing, in Team Jade
In the third season, Priya was in Team Jade with Tasmin, Nayantara, Jun Yi, Nur Atiqah, Namita, Priyanka, Dinah and Nur Azmina and was coached by Mark Smith. Jade managed to emerge as Champions by edging Team Opal by one point.

2007 Senior Division Team Opal
Priya, left standing, with Team Opal
Opal players with Trophies
In the fourth season, a record of 91 players registered for the league. Priya's team Opal, coached by Mark, finished third behind Jade and Sapphire in the Senior Division.

2007 Seniors Champions Team Jade with coach Glenn
2007 Seniors Runners Up Team Sapphire with coach Tharmabalan
2007 Seniors Fourth Placing Team Garnet with coach Faiz

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We are looking forward for the start of the fifth season on 7th June at HTO de Futsal. Registration is now open for the fifth season.
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2007 Registration

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