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Subang Scrabble Challenge 2010_08.08.10

The second Subang Scabble Challenge (SSC) was organized by the The Subang Jaya Community Sports Club (SJSC) in association with the Malaysian Scrabble Association (MSA) on the 7th and 8th August 2010 at Wisma Subang Jaya, SS15, Subang Jaya. SJSC has been actively organizing youth sporting activities such as the Boy’s Football League and the Girls’Futsal league, for the past ten years in Subang Jaya. The inaugural Scabble competition was introduced in 2008 to provide a fun and family-orientated way to interact between the members and improve the usage of English Language among the youths.

This year the competition was divided in three divisions to cater for the different levels of scrabble players. The Open division was for the more seasoned and competitive scrabble players residing in the Klang Valley, some of them have played in previous World Scrabble Competitions. The Junior U 18 division was for the school children who has been playing competitive scrabble for the school, while the Beginners division was mainly for the SJSC members who are interested in playing scrabble. The Open and Junior U18 Divisions would be nationally rated by Malaysian Scrabble Association and shall be published in the MSA website www.penster.com.

The Opening Ceremony was held on 8th August morning attended by YB Hannah Yeoh, Subang Jaya ADUN, her husband Mr. Ramachandran and Mr. Namasivayam, Taylor’s College Representative. Thank you to YB Hannah Yeoh who pledged Ringgit 3,000 for the scrabble event and Mr. Namasivayam who arranged for Taylor’s College to be Tournament Venue Host.

Opening Ceremony

Mr. Manohar, SJSC Secretary, presenting souvenirs to YB Hannah Yeoh and Mr. Namasivayam

Open Division

Sixteen of the top ranked players took part in the two days Open division event, held on the 7th and 8th August, playing fifteen rounds of competitive scrabble. In the first round of the competition, Pui Cheng Wui played a bingo (seven letter word) “QUITRENT” against Tan Jin Chor for 107 points which was only surpassed in round 10, the next day, by Ramaraj Sundraraj who played “RAVIGOTE" for 181 points. It was the usual bingo bonanza, "SAPHENAE", “SIDERITE”, “QUININS”, “TARAIRE”, "ORTHODOX" and “DOURINES”, to name a few, in every round throughout the tournament.

Open Division Participants

At the end of the nine rounds of scrabble on the first day, Tengku Asri had a slim one point lead with seven wins ahead of five other players with six wins. The clash between the two top ranked players, Henry Yeo and Pui Cheng Wui, in the final two rounds decided the Champion when Pui Cheng Wui managed to defeat Henry Yeo twice by finishing with eleven wins and spread 497 points. After leading the table most of the day, Henry had to settle for the runner up spot ahead of Ramaraj, both with 10 points but better margin. Jagan Narayanan and Ker Jen Ho, who would be representing Malaysia in the coming World Youth Scrabble Competition (WYSC) in Manila at the end of the year, did well to emerge fourth and fifth respectively followed by Tengku Asri by finishing with nine wins each.

Intense brain power at work

The top three winners were given cash awards and trophies. Additional cash award was given to the fourth placed while the fifth placed winner received a prize (Board game).

Mr. Farouk, SJCSC Coordinator, presenting cash and trophies to the top three winners, Pui Cheng Wui, Henry Yeo and Ramaraj.

Results after round 15

08.08.2010 2010SSC – OPEN DIVISION

Rank Player Wins Mar

1 Pui Cheng Wui 11 497

2 Yeo Kien Hung 10 1241

3 Ramaraj Sundraraj 10 696

4 Jagan Narayanan 9 325

5 Ker Jen Ho 9 202

6 Tengku Asri 9 73

7 Tan Jin Chor 8 220

8 William Kang 8 110

9 Alex Tan Ken Seng 8 -127

10 Mohammad Ali Ismail 7 77

11 Jocelyn Lor 7 -225

12 Chang Ching Wei 6 171

13 Lee Pao Hsien 6 -319

14 Ker Ken Wa 6 -817

15 Mohd Khairi 5 -607

16 Kang Eng Lee 1 -1517

HIGH GAME: Yeo Kien Hung 600

HIGH WORD: Ramaraj Sundraraj 181 "RAVIGOTE"

Junior U 18 Division

In the Junior division, there were eighteen players playing six rounds of scrabble on the 8th August. Vinnith Ramamurti, who would also be representing Malaysia in the coming WYSC, did not to join his compatriots in the Open but instead played in the Junior U 18 division and was the clear favorite to win. He duly won all his matches to emerge Champion with six wins. The runners up position went to Jeihiin Subramanium with 5 wins and spread of 156 points, followed by Ho Hui Jan, Thong Yi Kun and Arunan Sethu with 4 wins respectively.

Junior U-18 Participants

The top six winners were presented with prizes donated by Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. In addition, the top three finishers were also given trophies. High word award went to Kuhan who played “HEADRIG” for 102 points.

Mr. Manohar, SJCSC Secretary, presenting prizes and trophies to the top three winners, Vinnith, Jeihiin and Ho Hui Jan.

Results after round 6

08.08.2010 2010 SSC -- JUNIOR U18 DIVISION

Rank Player Wins Mar

1 Vinnith Ramamurti 6 1051

2 Jeihiin Subramaniam 5 156

3 Ho Hui Jan 4 224

4 Thong Yi Kun 4 169

5 Arunan Sethu 4 -83

6 Wilson Kang 3 271

7 Jivan Subramaniam 3 170

8 Krishnapriya 3 155

9 Yu Teik Chien 3 123

10 Geetha Maniam 3 -149

11 Syasya Aqilah 3 -155

12 Yap Yan Rou 3 -215

13 Kuhan Bathmanaban 2 148

14 Anishia Veerappan 2 -177

15 Gabriel Kuo 2 -275

16 Anisha Anne Victor 2 -378

17 Kogaan Selvaraja 2 -604

18 Prinka Sethu 0 -431

HIGH GAME: Wilson Kang 598


Beginners Division

Even though there were only six players registered for the Beginners Division, the five rounds of scrabble were played enthusiastically among the players on the 8th August. Bahri Mahmud managed to emerge Champion by winning all his five games. The runner up position was keenly contested between Farouk and Manohar who finished with three wins each with the former having a better margin points.

Beginners Division Participants

SJSC reps Farouk Vs Manohar

The top four winners were present with prizes and the top three finishers were also given trophies. High word award went to Bahri Mahmud who played “SOLDIER” for 72 points.

Mr. Alex Tan, MSA Vice President, presenting prizes and trophies to the top three winners, Bahri, Farouk and Manohar

Results after round 5

08.08.2010 2010 SSC -- BEGINNERS DIVISION

Rank Player Wins Mar

1 Bahri Mahmud 5 589

2 Farouk Hashim 3 171

3 K. Manohar 3 109

4 Divya Ramesh 2 -124

5 M. Theanmalar 2 -407

6 Govinraj 0 -338

HIGH GAME: Bahri Mahmud 454

HIGH WORD: Bahri Mahmud 72 "SOLDIER"

The Organising Committee would like to thank everyone who has contributed in making this event a memorable one for all those who participated.

Special thanks to all the sponsors as below:

Event Sponsor: YB Hannah Yeoh, ADUN Subang Jaya.

Event Venue Host: Taylor’s College, Subang Jaya (Mr. Namasivayam)

Prize Sponsors: Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (Miss June So)



Tournament Coordinator: K. Sundraraj

Tournament Director: Alex Tan

Committee members: P.Chitra, Farouk Hashim, Frida, K. Manohar & S. Krishnapriya

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MSA National Scrabble Championship (MNSC)_25.07.10

Another weekend of scrabbles at Berjaya Times Square on 24th and 25th July 2010. After the successful completion of the MSA National Youth Scrabble Championship a weekend ago, it was time for the Masters to show their mettle to battle it out at the MSA National Scrabble Championship.

A total of twenty six (26) players (including eight intermediate players) consisting of veteran and youth players played seventeen (17) rounds of competitive scrabble in two days. Ramaraj took part in this event after a long break this year due to his National Service stint.

Priya handing out result slips to MNSC Participants

Raj & Chitra, Tournament Coordinators

At the end of the first day, Mohd Ali Ismail was leading by winning eight out of nine games followed closely by Pui Cheng Wei who had seven wins. On the second day, the lead changed hands between Mohd. Ali Ismail and Pui Cheng Wei until the fourteenth (14th) round.

Henry Yeo Vs Pui Cheng Wei

At the end of fifteenth (15th) round, Aaron Chong, Mohd. Ali and Pui all had 11 wins each with Aaron taking the lead with a better spread points. Aaron went on to win his final two games to stay on top and emerge as 2010 MNSC Champion with 13 points and spread of 1275 points. Mohd Ali ended as runner up with 13 points (margin -98) and Alex Tan managed to pip Pui Cheng Wei and Tengku Asri to the third position with better margin points after finishing with 11 points each. Ramaraj ended up with a commendable sixth position with 10 wins and margin of 558 points.

Aaron Chong Vs Alex Tan

Ramaraj Vs Tengku Asri

This year in addition to the prize money to the top six players, the Champion was awarded a Challenge Trophy which was donated by MSA President, Dr. Adele.

Dr. Adele presenting challenge trophy to Champion Aaron Chong

Dr. Adele & Intermediate Champion Kang Eng Lee

Ramaraj (6th position winner) with Dr. Adele

Raj with 2010 MNSC Champion Aaron Chong

Results after round 17
24.07.2010 MNSC2010 -- MASTERS
Rank Player Wins Mar
1 Aaron Chong 13 1275
2 Mohd Ali Ismail 12 -98
3 Alex Tan Ken Seng 11 836
4 Pui Cheng Wui 11 666
5 Tengku Asri 11 204
6 Ramaraj Sundraraj 10 558
7 Yeo Kien Hung 10 463
8 William Kang 10 141
9 Cedric Stewart Lewis 9.5 595
10 Lee Pao Hsien 9.5 66
11 Cheah Siu Hean 9 447
12 Chim Wai Main 9 288
13 Warren Lau 9 123
14 Michael Tang 8 1157
15 Tan Jin Chor 8 734
16 Ker Jen Ho 8 472
17 Martin Teo 8 388
18 Yeap Gim Sai 8 -490
19 Kang Eng Lee 8 -673
20 Tan Jien Lee 7 -270
21 Ker Ken Wa 7 -408
22 Arvinran Rajendran 7 -602
23 Justin Wong Keenhing 7 -857
24 Wilson Kang Weichern 7 -1486
25 Bahri Mahmud 3 -2498
26 Azlan Adnan 1 -1031

Full results and rating changes shall be published in our MSA website: http//www.penster.com.my.

More photos have been uploaded in facebook: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=198648&id=567157855

Monday, July 19, 2010

Subang Scrabble Challenge 2010 Registration_19.07.10

Registration is open for the Subang Scrabble Challenge 2010:
Date: 7th & 8th August 2010
Venue: 7th Floor, Wisma Subang, SS 15, Subang Jaya

Sunday, July 18, 2010

MSA National Youth Scrabble Championship (MNYSC)_18.07.10

Participants of MNYSC

The top twenty U18 scrabble players in the country came together to take part in the MSA National Youth Scrabble Championship held at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur on the 17th and 18th July 2010. The prize for the top finisher is an automatic qualification place to represent Malaysia in the World Scrabble Championship in Manila in December 2010.

The twenty players came from six states, namely Johor, Pahang, Melaka, Penang, Selangor and Perak, where the CIMB Junior Circuit Scrabble State Competitions were held from March to May 2010. A notable absence was Ker Jen Ho, recent winner of the CIMB JC Nationals competition, who was not able to attend the tourney.

The players played sixteen (16) rounds of competitive scrabble during the two day tournament producing numerous bingos (seven letter words) and a ten letter word " DRAMATIZE".

William Kang who was one of the favorites, was the runneraway victor, winning fourteen games and losing only twice to Jagan and Cheong Yi Wei respectively. He was declared Champions of 2010 MNYSC by the fourteenth round. The rest of the top five positions were keenly contested until the last round with all the four players finishing with 10 points. The runner up to fifth positions was decided by difference in margins i.e.Vinnith Ramamurti (margin 804), Markus Loke (696), Looi Yih Feng (460) and Arvinran Rajendran (-254) respectively.

All the participants were given a certificate of participation, and prizes, which was donated by Mattel, were given for the top five finishers and for Highest word score.

Champion William Kang and Runner Up Vinnith

A word of thanks to management of Berjaya Times Square who has been supportive by allowing MSA to hold the scrabble tournaments and also Mattel to sponsor the prizes.

Results of the 2010 MNYSC as below:
Results after round 16
13.07.2010 MNYSC -- JUNIOR U18
Rank Player Wins Mar
1 William Kang 14 1754
2 Vinnith Ramamurti 10 804
3 Markus Loke 10 696
4 Looi Yih Feng 10 460
5 Arvinran Rajendran 10 -254
6 Jagan Narayanan 9 351
7 Gan Han Yang 9 320
8 Cheong Yi Wei 8 698
9 Wong Han Wey 8 187
10 Mohd Syazwan Aidid 8 114
11 Ignatius Wong Chen 8 -86
12 Johnston Tan Ee Jun 8 -395
13 Wan Mohd Azril 8 -724
14 Jeihiin Subramaniam 7 -414
15 Thivagar Valaiyuthan 7 -551
16 Samantha Loh 6 -276
17 Sharsindra Pratheen 6 -847
18 Muhamad Amirul Azrie 5 -245
19 Michael Daniel Louis 5 -868
20 Vignesh Venkitasamy 4 -724
HIGH GAME: Vinnith Ramamurti 658
HIGH WORD: Cheong Yi Wei 140 "FACTIONS"

Full results and rating changes shall be published in our MSA website: http//www.penster.com.my.
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Monday, June 7, 2010

CIMB Junior Circuit National Scrabble Competition_05.06.10

Last weekend, the best of the U18 scrabble players from thirty five (35) schools throughout Malaysia congregated at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur to take part in the CIMB Junior Circuit National Scrabble Competition. The seventy-seven (77) players, who took part, were invited for this tournament after qualifying from the respective CIMB Junior Circuit Scrabble Competitions which were held in six states namely Johor, Pahang, Melaka, Penang, Selangor and Perak, from March to May 2010.

The players played fifteen (15) rounds of competitive scrabble during the two day tournament on 5th and 6th June 2010. Registration started at 8.00 a.m. The first of nine rounds was delayed until 9.30 a.m. due to the late arrival of some of the outstation players.
CIMB Nationals participants
Word Challenge Check

After the eight rounds in the first day, it appeared that it would be duel between Cheong Yi Wei and William Kang for the top position as they were paired against each other from rounds ten to fourteen. However in the final fifteenth round, Ker Jen Ho managed to pip William Kang in Table 1 with a score of 462 to 443 to emerge Champion. Ker Jen Ho finished with 12 wins ( margin of 1324 points) followed by Cheong Yi Wei, William Kang, Amery Seow who had 11 wins each but margin of 1582, 1469 and 578 points respectively.

While there were some known players who have represented Malaysia in the past World Youth Scrabble Competitions in the top ten positions namely, Jen Ho, William Kang, Amery Seow and Markus Loke, the tourney marked the emergence of future national players like Cheong Yi Wei and Cheong Yi Hua, siblings from Penang. Cheong Yi Hua, who finished fifth in the tournament is only twelve years old.

The top thirty finishers qualify for the Malaysian National Youth Scrabble Competition (MNYSC) which would be held on 17th and 18th July 2010. All the participants were given a certificate of participation, and trophies and prizes were given for the top fifteen finishers. The Champion was presented with the CIMB Challenge trophy by Mr. Eugene, Project Manger of CIMB Foundation.
Prizes & Certificates
Alex Tan, MSA Vice President, giving his speech during the closing ceremony.
Mr. Eugene presenting the trophies to the Champion Ker Jen Ho, First Runner Up Cheong Yi Wei and Second Runner Up William Kang respectively.
Mr. Eugene, Mr. Alex Tan, Jen Ho, Yi Wei and Raj
Chitra presenting bouquet to Ms Ung Su Ling of CIMB Foundation

We would like to thank CIMB Foundation for sponsoring the CIMB Junior Circuit Scrabble Competitions which has given an opportunity for the U18 school players to participate in competitive scrabble competitions.

It was a tiring but rewarding work for the Malaysian Scrabble Association (MSA) organizing team consisting of Martin Teo (Principal Coordinator), P. Chitra, Chim Wai Main, Cedric and other volunteers. Kudos to the organizers and volunteers whose commitment and hard work has made the CIMB Junior Circuit a success.

The following are the thirty (30) players who have qualified for the MNYSC:
Results after game 15

Rank Player Wins Mar
1 Ker Jen Ho 12 1324
2 Cheong Yi Wei 11 1582
3 William Kang 11 1469
4 Amery Seow Su Yin 11 578
5 Cheong Yi Hua 10 1262
6 Markus Loke Qi En 10 1034
7 Mohd Syazwan Aidid 10 701
8 Gan Han Yang 10 676
9 Arvinran Rajendran 10 229
10 Wong Han Wey 10 210
11 Harendraraj Mohanraj 9.5 436
12 Mohd Zahanif M.Zaini 9.5 249
13 Thivagar Valaiyuthan 9.5 239
14 K. Sharsindra Prathe 9.5 102
15 Vinnith Ramamurti 9 1049
16 Jagan Narayanan 9 496
17 Foong Wene June 9 326
18 Johnston Tan Ee Jun 9 275
19 Marc Raphael Parrikl 9 117
20 Eow Li Ni 9 106
21 Ignatius Wong Chen G 9 62
22 Lee Wei Lun 9 -211
23 Beh Aaron 9 -421
24 Muhd Aizuddin Sukeri 8.5 -122
25 Muhd Amirul Azrie 8.5 -199
26 Michael Daniel Louis 8.5 -574
27 Samantha Loh 8 374
28 Jeihiin Subramaniam 8 299
29 Vignesh Venkitasamy 8 236
30 Wan Mohd Azril 8 173

Full results will be published in our MSA website http://www.penster.com.my/

More photos have been uploaded in photo album at http://rajscrabble.fotopic.net/