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MSA National Youth Scrabble Championship (MNYSC)_18.07.10

Participants of MNYSC

The top twenty U18 scrabble players in the country came together to take part in the MSA National Youth Scrabble Championship held at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur on the 17th and 18th July 2010. The prize for the top finisher is an automatic qualification place to represent Malaysia in the World Scrabble Championship in Manila in December 2010.

The twenty players came from six states, namely Johor, Pahang, Melaka, Penang, Selangor and Perak, where the CIMB Junior Circuit Scrabble State Competitions were held from March to May 2010. A notable absence was Ker Jen Ho, recent winner of the CIMB JC Nationals competition, who was not able to attend the tourney.

The players played sixteen (16) rounds of competitive scrabble during the two day tournament producing numerous bingos (seven letter words) and a ten letter word " DRAMATIZE".

William Kang who was one of the favorites, was the runneraway victor, winning fourteen games and losing only twice to Jagan and Cheong Yi Wei respectively. He was declared Champions of 2010 MNYSC by the fourteenth round. The rest of the top five positions were keenly contested until the last round with all the four players finishing with 10 points. The runner up to fifth positions was decided by difference in margins i.e.Vinnith Ramamurti (margin 804), Markus Loke (696), Looi Yih Feng (460) and Arvinran Rajendran (-254) respectively.

All the participants were given a certificate of participation, and prizes, which was donated by Mattel, were given for the top five finishers and for Highest word score.

Champion William Kang and Runner Up Vinnith

A word of thanks to management of Berjaya Times Square who has been supportive by allowing MSA to hold the scrabble tournaments and also Mattel to sponsor the prizes.

Results of the 2010 MNYSC as below:
Results after round 16
13.07.2010 MNYSC -- JUNIOR U18
Rank Player Wins Mar
1 William Kang 14 1754
2 Vinnith Ramamurti 10 804
3 Markus Loke 10 696
4 Looi Yih Feng 10 460
5 Arvinran Rajendran 10 -254
6 Jagan Narayanan 9 351
7 Gan Han Yang 9 320
8 Cheong Yi Wei 8 698
9 Wong Han Wey 8 187
10 Mohd Syazwan Aidid 8 114
11 Ignatius Wong Chen 8 -86
12 Johnston Tan Ee Jun 8 -395
13 Wan Mohd Azril 8 -724
14 Jeihiin Subramaniam 7 -414
15 Thivagar Valaiyuthan 7 -551
16 Samantha Loh 6 -276
17 Sharsindra Pratheen 6 -847
18 Muhamad Amirul Azrie 5 -245
19 Michael Daniel Louis 5 -868
20 Vignesh Venkitasamy 4 -724
HIGH GAME: Vinnith Ramamurti 658
HIGH WORD: Cheong Yi Wei 140 "FACTIONS"

Full results and rating changes shall be published in our MSA website: http//
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