Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MSA National Scrabble Championship (MNSC)_25.07.10

Another weekend of scrabbles at Berjaya Times Square on 24th and 25th July 2010. After the successful completion of the MSA National Youth Scrabble Championship a weekend ago, it was time for the Masters to show their mettle to battle it out at the MSA National Scrabble Championship.

A total of twenty six (26) players (including eight intermediate players) consisting of veteran and youth players played seventeen (17) rounds of competitive scrabble in two days. Ramaraj took part in this event after a long break this year due to his National Service stint.

Priya handing out result slips to MNSC Participants

Raj & Chitra, Tournament Coordinators

At the end of the first day, Mohd Ali Ismail was leading by winning eight out of nine games followed closely by Pui Cheng Wei who had seven wins. On the second day, the lead changed hands between Mohd. Ali Ismail and Pui Cheng Wei until the fourteenth (14th) round.

Henry Yeo Vs Pui Cheng Wei

At the end of fifteenth (15th) round, Aaron Chong, Mohd. Ali and Pui all had 11 wins each with Aaron taking the lead with a better spread points. Aaron went on to win his final two games to stay on top and emerge as 2010 MNSC Champion with 13 points and spread of 1275 points. Mohd Ali ended as runner up with 13 points (margin -98) and Alex Tan managed to pip Pui Cheng Wei and Tengku Asri to the third position with better margin points after finishing with 11 points each. Ramaraj ended up with a commendable sixth position with 10 wins and margin of 558 points.

Aaron Chong Vs Alex Tan

Ramaraj Vs Tengku Asri

This year in addition to the prize money to the top six players, the Champion was awarded a Challenge Trophy which was donated by MSA President, Dr. Adele.

Dr. Adele presenting challenge trophy to Champion Aaron Chong

Dr. Adele & Intermediate Champion Kang Eng Lee

Ramaraj (6th position winner) with Dr. Adele

Raj with 2010 MNSC Champion Aaron Chong

Results after round 17
24.07.2010 MNSC2010 -- MASTERS
Rank Player Wins Mar
1 Aaron Chong 13 1275
2 Mohd Ali Ismail 12 -98
3 Alex Tan Ken Seng 11 836
4 Pui Cheng Wui 11 666
5 Tengku Asri 11 204
6 Ramaraj Sundraraj 10 558
7 Yeo Kien Hung 10 463
8 William Kang 10 141
9 Cedric Stewart Lewis 9.5 595
10 Lee Pao Hsien 9.5 66
11 Cheah Siu Hean 9 447
12 Chim Wai Main 9 288
13 Warren Lau 9 123
14 Michael Tang 8 1157
15 Tan Jin Chor 8 734
16 Ker Jen Ho 8 472
17 Martin Teo 8 388
18 Yeap Gim Sai 8 -490
19 Kang Eng Lee 8 -673
20 Tan Jien Lee 7 -270
21 Ker Ken Wa 7 -408
22 Arvinran Rajendran 7 -602
23 Justin Wong Keenhing 7 -857
24 Wilson Kang Weichern 7 -1486
25 Bahri Mahmud 3 -2498
26 Azlan Adnan 1 -1031

Full results and rating changes shall be published in our MSA website: http//

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