Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3rd Malaysian Youth Scrabble Championship_24.05.07

Ramaraj took part in the 3rd Malaysian Youth Scrabble Championship which was held at Berjaya Times Square, KL on 24th and 25th May 2008.
A total of 138 students, selected from the State level Inter School Scrabble Competition, from all over Malaysia took part in this competition. The top 5 winners qualify to represent Malaysia in the 3rd World Youth Scrabble Championship which will be held in Penang from 9th to 11th December, 2008.

Group Photo of the Participants.

The Championship was organised by Mrs. Yap and her team. The venue was sponsored by Berjaya Times Square while the sponsors for the prizes were Mattel SEA Pte. Ltd. and Borders.

Mrs Yap addressing the participants

My nephews, Vijayaraj from Seremban and Harendraraj from Johor Bahru also took part representing their respective states. It was their first such competition for Vijayaraj and Harendraraj.

Rama, Haren, Priya and Vijayaraj

11 rounds of games were played with six played on Saturday and five on Sunday. On the first day, Rama won all six games while Viji and Haren won four and three respectively.
Haren playing against Ng Boon Jin

Viji playing against Johnston
Rama playing against Scott Chung

The second day was a tense affair when Rama met Scott Chung in game 7. Scott was in awesome form and won with a score of 634-439. The game resulted in six bingos with Scott scoring the highest word score of 158 with "DIOPTASE".
Rama Vs Scott Game
In the consequent rounds, Rama lost to Scott again and Sean Chung. He finished with eight points (8 points) to reach tenth position for the consolation prize. Viji and Haren finished with six points.
Rama receiving consolation prize

Congratulations to the five players who made the cut for the Malaysian Youth team i.e. Scott (undefeated with 11 points), Ian (9 points), William Kang (9 points), Sean Chung (9 points) and Marcus (9 points). The next five players would be chosen according to MSA national ratings. Rama still has a chance to qualify due to his high ratings but we have to wait until end of August for confirmation.
Champion Scott receiving his prize.

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