Saturday, May 10, 2008

SJC Youth Football League_10.05.08

Two Major division matches were played in SK Seafield today starting at 3.00 p.m. Our Technical head, Ari, called this morning to help in refereeing the matches. As usual, I brought along my referee's assistant, Ramaraj. My son who is 16 years have outgrown the age limit of the SJCYFL Premier age group of 14 years for the Premier two years ago but still misses the football league. Whenever there is an opportunity to get involved, he volunteers to help. Before the matches, he was training his cousin, Naveen, of the Junior division King's team some goalkeeping moves.
Referee and Assistant Referee, Ramaraj

The first Major match was between Sharks and Rhinos. It was an even matched game with Sharks having more opportunities in front of the goalpost. Rhino's goalkeeper, Hazim, made some good saves to earn his team a well deserved point when the game finished in a 0-0 draw. The players, coach and parents were ecstatic at end of the match as this was their first point in the league after eight straight losses.

Refereeing match between Sharks and Rhinos

The second Major division match was between Wolves and Panthers. The game was played from end to end with a couple of shots hitting the post. Panthers managed to score twice to win with a score of 2-0.

Refereeing match between Wolves and Panthers

Meanwhile, in the Junior's Division match between Kings and Rangers at 3 p.m. ended with a 4-0 win for Kings. Rama and myself missed the win for my nephew's team. We were told that Naveen played well, diving to save the goals, probably due to the training by Ramaraj.
Naveen, King's Goalkeeper
The draw for the One day tournament was held at 5.00 p.m. in the same school canteen. The team managers of all three Divisions attended the draw for the pairing of the teams into two groups. The organisers decided not to seed any teams to make the draw more interesting. Farouk, our League Coordinator, started the meeting by explaining the schedule for the One Day Tournament on 25.05.08 to be held in Alice Smith School. Mary, who is in-charge of the events for the parents and children, then explained about the events. There would be a 11 aside tug of war for the fathers and mothers. The draw was conducted by Dr. Nasir and Mary with the team managers drawing lots.
Farouk explaining the One Day tournament events.

Team Managers listening intently to the briefing.

Draw conducted by Dr. Nazir and Mary.

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