Sunday, May 4, 2008

SJC Youth Football League_04.05.08

The Junior division rematch between Archers and Kings was played at SRK Seafield at 3 p.m. this Sunday. Archers once again were attacking the King's goalpost from the start. Their first goal came within five minutes when Lekshman score from a kick in. Lekshman and his teammates outplayed the Archers and won the match by 3-0 scoreline. Archer's star player, Lekshman, scored all the goals.
Refereeing the match between Archers and Kings Cousins Naveen and Krishnapriya

The next match in the Junior Division was between Wizards and Elves. I only refereed half the match. It was a difficult match to referee as the Wizard's coach kept questioning the decisions and harassing with his remarks. Wizards eventually lost to a well organised Elves by 4-0.
Refereeing the match between Wizards and Elves

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