Thursday, May 29, 2008

SJCYFL One Day Tournament_25.05.08

The final event for our SJCYFL Boys Football League was the One Day Tournament (ODT)which was held at Alice Smith School, Puchong on 25th May 2008. This whole day event also includes activities for the whole family and the prize giving ceremony.
Chitra and myself were not able to attend the tourney the whole day due to Rama's participation in the 3rd Malaysian Youth Scrabble Competition which was held in Berjaya Times Square, K. Lumpur on the same day.

I dropped by for a few hours to join in the fun and festivities.

Mum's Tug of war
Dad's Tug of War

Tents were set up for the teams at the edge of the fields. It provided a welcome shade and resting place away from the hot sun.

Teams Set Up Tents for the day
Tent of Junior Team Kings' Family
Ari (Technical Head) and Doc Nazir (ODT Coordinator) taking a break from their hectic duties.

Lunch was served at one pm.

Delicious Lunch for all

After lunch, football matches for the dads and mums commenced.
Mums and daughter's Football Match

I had to leave early by 2.00 pm to go back to Berjaya Times Square.

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