Sunday, June 29, 2008

2008SJC Girls' Futsal_ 29.06.08

Let the games begin. Our 2008 SJC Girls' Futsal League Round 1 games were played today from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm at HTO de Futsal. Jerseys for the players, coaches and team managers were distributed to the respective team managers.

Major Division


Citrine 1_ Emerald 6

Amber 3_Turquoise 0

Ref Mano explaining the rules to Citrine & Emerald players
Citrine players at half time
Team Amber with Coach Tun Kamalul and Team Manager Shirley Heng
Team Turquoise with Coach Balwan Singh and Team Manager Nithia Ruby
Amber against Turquoise

Senior Division


Garnet 2 _ Jade 5

Sapphire 0_ Opal 0

Garnet against Jade

Team Opal with Coach Jasminder Singh and Team Manager Mary Koh

Premier Division


Amethyst 0_ Diamond 2

Ruby 6_ Topaz 0

Amethyst against Diamond

Coach Mark instructing Team Amethyst
Ruby against Topaz
Coach Teresa with Team Ruby

Coach Mohamad Saidin with Team Topaz

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Tun Kamal said...


Great photos!!!!.

The jerseys looked radiant.