Sunday, July 6, 2008

2008SJC Girls' Futsal_ 06.07.08

Our 2008 SJC Girls' Futsal League Round 2 games were played today from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm at HTO de Futsal.

Major Division
Turquoise 2 _ Emerald 5
Amber 3 _ Citrine 1

Emerald and Amber continued their winning ways this week and collected six points each. However, Emerald tops the group standing due to goal difference. Next week's games would pit the two top teams playing against each other. Citrine and Turquoise would be facing each other, looking for their first win.
On a personal note, Ramaraj refereed his first futsal match today i.e. between Turquoise and Emerald. All this while, he has been helping me out and supporting his sister and cousins when they were playing. He volunteered when I was having difficulty in finding refs for the matches today and he did a good job for a first timer despite the usual distraction from the parents and supporters.
Coach Kugan talking to Team Emerald
Team Turquoise training
Rama refereeing match between Turquoise and Emerald
Turquoise Vs Emerald
Coach Thomas Ward With Team Citrine
Team Amber with Coach Tun Kamalul and Team Manager Shirley
Half time break for Team Amber

Senior Division
Opal 0 _ Jade 3
Sapphire 4 _ Garnet 2
Jade won their second consecutive match to top the table, followed by Sapphire who has four points after their win today. Next week would feature the top of the table clash between Jade and Sapphire, while Opal and Garnet would be playing against each other.
Team Jade with Coach Sunny and Team Manager Yasmin
Team Jade training
Team Garnet with Coach Tharmabalan and Team Manager Theanmalar
Team Sapphire training
Teams Sapphire Vs Garnet
Premier Division

Topaz 2_ Diamond 5
Ruby 2_ Amethyst 0
Diamond and Ruby also won both their matches to collect six points. Coincidentally, these two team would meet next week in Round 3 matches. Amethyst and Topaz would also play against each other in search of their first win.
Team Topaz with coach Mohd Saidin and Team Manager Frida Susanti
Team Amethyst with coach Mark Scott and Team Manager P. Chitra
Team Amethyst at half time

Next week matches of Round 3 would feature top of the table clashes in all three divisions as teams vie to maintain the lead in the table.

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Tun Kamal said...


The photos and comments are great. Please rectify one scoring error between the Premier game, Diamond versus Topaz. The score should read Diamond (5), Topaz (2). I refereed the game and signed the final score. Ida is the score person.

Tun Kamal said...

Your son Ramaraj officated OK. He needs to build up his confidence level up a notch.

Sooner or later, he would have to fill up his dad footstep.


K.Sundraraj said...

Tun Kamalul,
Thanks for your comments and support.