Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2008 ICT Penang Scrabble Open_Open Category Day 2_20.06.08

The second day competition comprises of 11 games starting at 8.30 a.m. After a good night rest, everyone was eager to start. The top of the table clash was between Ganesh and Nigel Richards. Ganesh won by 20 points.

Rama started his first of eleven games against Bob Jackman from Australia. The eleven games marathon was completed at 9.30 p.m.
Round 5: Rama Vs Bob Jackman (Score 363-475)
Round 6: Rama Vs Chuah Sim Swee (Score 365-539)
Round 7: Rama Vs Martin Teo (Score 449-408)
Round 8: Rama Vs Jocelyn Lor (Score 259-417)
Mohd Salahudin Vs Alastair Richards
Ker Jen Ho Vs Khoo Beng Way
Andrew Chang Vs Vannitha
Participants of 2nd Day of competition

Round 9: Rama Vs Dianne Ward (Score 398-372)

Andrew Chang made it to the top of the table in Round 10, where Ganesh had made it his own the whole day but he could not dislodge Ganesh.
Ganesh Vs. Andrew Chang
Round 10: Rama Vs Betty Erikson (Score 474-341)

Round 11: Rama Vs Brian Lim (Score 465-491)
Round 12: Rama Vs Martin Waterworth (Score 475-324)
Round 13: Rama Vs Tengku Asri (Score 464-317)
Zeenath Ariff Vs Sameer
Karen Richards Vs Nigel Richards

Round 14 was Rama’s turn to face Ganesh at the top of the table but he was unable to beat the Master. Despite Rama’s best effort, he lost by 124 points to the number 1 rated player in the world.
Round 14: Rama Vs Ganesh (422-546)
Rama’s Game against Ganesh
Ker Jen Ho Vs Nigel Richards
Round 15: Rama Vs Yeoh Sue Jane (Score 425-341)

After a total of 15 games, Rama managed to collect 9 points and achieving sixth position going into the final day.

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Farouk said...

I've been waiting and waiting to see how Rama did. Great show Rama - you can actually take on the best of the best. Keep it up!

Also big congrats to Raj & Priya. So when are we going to see Chitra in future tourneys?!