Monday, July 13, 2009

2009 SJC Girls' Futsal League_Team Photos_1

The following are some of the team photos taken on 12th July 2009. Hopefully, by next week, the rest of the teams' photos shall be completed.

Majors Division
Team Amber with Coach Razim and Team Manager Jayanthi
Team Turquoise with Coach Ray Jennings, Asst Coach Lee Wan Sin and Team Manager Maimunah Hashim

Seniors Division
Team Jade with Coach Thomas Ward and Team Manager Dana Ward
Team Garnet with Coach Tun Kamalul and Team Manager Mun Sam Foong
Team Opal with Coach Bruhan and Team Manager V.P. Sujata
Team Sapphire with Coach Denisa Khoo and Team Manager M.Theanmalar

Premier Division
Team Ruby with Coach Afif (center), Zaifulizan (L) and Team Manager Frida
Team Amethyst with Coach Mohamed B. Siadin and Team Manager P.Chitra
Team Topaz with Coach Aliuddin, Assistant Coach Ahmar and Team Manager Mun Sam Foong.

Other photos of 2009 SJCGFL can be viewed at our photo album

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