Sunday, July 26, 2009

2009 SJC Girls' Futsal League_26.07.09

It was the top of table clash between Citrine and Amber in the Majors Division in the fifth round of matches played this Sunday. Citrine took a two goal lead in the first quarter but Amber managed to pull one goal back in the second quarter to set up an exciting second half. After a goalless third quarter, both teams went all out to score and another three goals were scored. Citrine managed to win by outscoring Amber for a final score of four goals to two. With this win, Citrine achieved an unbeaten total of thirteen points to be declared Champions of Majors Division with one game to spare. In the second match, it was a close one between Turquoise and Emerald. Turquoise managed to score twice in the first and last quarter to beat Emerald by two goals to nil. Turquoise's win gives them three points lead over Amber, to take the second place in the table standing.
Citrine Vs Amber
Turquoise Vs Emerald

In the Seniors Division, there was another top of the table clash between Sapphire and Garnet. Sapphire took the lead by scoring twice in the second quarter. In the third quarter, Garnet had to play with only three players as one of the players, Loo Fui June, was injured by the ball. Sapphire's players sportingly chose to play with three players also in the third quarter. The girls ran themselves to the ground with Sapphire managed to add another goal. In the fourth quarter, brave Loo wanted to help her team by playing despite her bleeding lips. Garnet managed to pull one goal back through an own goal. In the end, Sapphire won by three goals to one to emerge Champion of Senior Division. Garnet played well but was probably affected by the injury. Kudos to Sapphire for upholding our core value of sportsmanship in the third quarter. In the second game, Jade played against Opal to try to keep up with the top two teams. Jade took the lead with two goals in the second quarter and added another two goals (one own goal) in the third quarter. The game ended with Jade overcoming Opal by four goals to nil.
Sapphire Vs Jade
Jade Vs Opal

In the premier division, the match between Amethyst and Ruby was a closely fought one. Both team managed to score one goal each in the first quarter. Ruby took the lead in the second quarter and managed to keep the lead to the end to win two goals to one despite pressure from Amethyst. In the second game, Diamond overwhelmed Topaz with a score of nine goals to one. The top two spots would be decided next week when Diamond meet Ruby. Both teams have equal number of points (twelve) but Diamond has a better goal difference.
Amethyst Vs Ruby
Topaz Vs Diamond

Team photos as below:
Team Emerald with coach Larry O'Hara
Team Diamond with coach Mark & Team Manager Ida
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