Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2009 SJC Girls’ Futsal League_21.06.09

After last week's registration exercise and players' skills assessment, we conducted our Volunteer Orientation and Coaching Clinic this week at 1.00 p.m. at U One Sport Center.

Our Girl's league follows the same concept as the Boy's League where the fathers would serve as coaches and mothers as team managers. We also invited some volunteers to coach the teams where the fathers were not available.
The orientation for the team mangers and volunteers were conducted by Ida. They were briefed on their roles and responsibilities in assisting the Committee to achieve a smooth-running and well-participated league season.

Ari, our Technical Head, conducted the coaching clinic by briefing the coaches on the rules and guideline drawn up for our girls' futsal. For the first time in our league, we are proud to have two female volunteer coaches who were our former players i.e Denisa Khoo and Claudine Lee. Denisa and Claudine would be coaching Team Sapphire and Team Citrine respectively. The players were excited at the prospect of being trained by their seniors.

Coach Claudine training her players

Coach Denisa (L) with Team Sapphire players

The coaches, team managers and other volunteers were also encouraged to reinforce our League's Core values to the players i.e. Unity, Teamwork, Discipline, Sportsmanship, Service and Family.

Based on the registration and player's assessment carried out last week, the players were placed into teams in their respective divisions according to their skills, age and race. We have three divisions of Majors, Seniors and Premiers. Each division has four teams consisting of 5 players with 2 reserves for each team.

Presently we have a total of 55 registered players for the three divisions. Our Organising Committee has been calling former players and distributing flyers prepared by Farouk. We have passed the word around that we still need more players for the league.

Colourful Flyer prepared by Farouk

The players underwent training from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. with their respective teammates and coach. The players' roster shall be distributed to the players and parents by next week, once we have enough players registered.

Some photos taken during the training sessions as below:
Majors players training
Coach Ray Jennings training Team Turquoise players
Mothers watching the training
Ari, Dave, Dr. Nasir & Farouk - League Organisers

For more information visit us at www.sjcyfl.com/

Photos of 2009 SJCGFL can be viewed at our photo album http://ksrajchitra.fotopic.net/

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