Monday, June 29, 2009

2009 SJC Girls' Futsal League_28.06.09

The first round of matches for the 2009 SJCGFL commenced this Sunday. Even though we were still short of players for some of the teams, the games have to go on.

This season, since Team Emerald did not have a coach, I had to come out of 'retirement' to coach the team. For the record, the last time I coached was in year 2004, in charge of Priya's team , Opal, when we emerged as Champions for Majors Division. After that, I had to retire as I was too busy organizing and refereeing the matches. Hopefully the 'new' coach in town would have the same success again!
Raj with Team Emerald

Team Citrine training

For the Majors Division, the first match between Emerald and Citrine ended in a goalless draw. Both the team had their chances to score but they were thwarted by the good goalkeeping. The second match was between Amber and Turquoise. Both teams played with four players as one player from each team did not turn up. It was an entertaining match with plenty of goals. Amber managed to outscore Turquoise by 6 goals to 4 goals.

Rama refereeing match between Emerald and Citrine

Team Emerald Vs Citrine

Doc Nasir and Jayanthi discussing with Team Amber players

Coach Ray Jennings with Team Turquoise players.

In the Seniors Division, Team Garnet beat Team Jade by 2 goals to nil. Both the goals were scored by Mayday in the 2nd and 4th quarters. In the second game, Team Sapphire managed to beat Team Opal by 3 goals by nil.

Coach Thomas Ward with Team Jade Players

It was goals galore in the Premier Division. Team Diamond scored 7 goals against Team Amethyst who managed to score one goal only. In the second match, Ruby beat Topaz by 5 goals to nil, all scored by Nurul Atiqa.

I am unable to report the games in detail as I had to coach a team for the first match and referee the other in the Majors. Hopefully some parents watching the Premiers and Seniors, would pen a few words for the website.

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kamal said...

Hi Raj.

I know it is tough on you doing two tasks - coaching and organizing.

Good job!

I observed the Majors and Seniors groups are parity in strengh and skills.

But the Premiers are lopsided in the parity scales. That's why, we have the lopsided scores.