Monday, February 1, 2010

ASTAR Scrabble Challenge International (ASCI)_30.01.2010

ASCI tournament was organised by the First Residential College of University of Malaya. It was held on the 30th and 31st of January 2010 in the Dewan Tunku Canselor, University of Malaya. The tournament was divided into two categories i.e. Interschool (U18) and Intervasity Individual Divisions. A total of 121 players took part i.e 79 players in the Interschool and 42 players in the Intervasity Divisions. There were participants from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and India besides the top Malaysian youth players taking part.
Entrance to Dewan Tunku Canselor
Ramaraj took part in the Intervasity Division. I was involved as Tournament Coordinator together with Martin Teo as Tournament Director, assisting in organising the tournament.
ACSI Participants
Tourney Organisers
There were eight round of games on Saturday and another four rounds played on Sunday. On the first day of the tourney, Ramaraj managed to win 7 out of 8 games losing only to Singaporean Toh Wei Bin. He also managed to achieve the highest game score of 839 points. On the second day, Ramaraj had to play with Toh Wei Bin, for all four games in the next day by virtue of being second and first respectively until the last round. Toh Wei Bin was in awesome form, beating Rama three times and losing only once, to clinch the first prize of RM 3,500, a trophy and a certificate with 10 points. Rama managed to finish with 8 points to achieve fifth position behind two Thais Thacha Koowirat and Chaiwat Wuthinitikor (8.5 ponits each) who drew their last match, and Singaporean Liew Kian Boon (8 points). Ramaraj won RM 350 for the fifth position and a Travel Scrabble set for his highest game score.
Ramaraj Vs Chang Ching Wei
Toh Wei Bin Vs Ramaraj (played a total of 5 games)
In the Interschool U18 event, Scott Chung managed to pip Thai Preedee Khongthanarat by beating him in the last round to emerge Champion to claim the prize of RM3,000, a trophy and a certificate. Ker Jen Ho and Looi Yih Feng finished third and fourth respectively with 9 points each.
Ramaraj receiving his prize
Winners of Intervasity Division
Winners of Interschool Division
Results after game 12 for the top 15 finishers as below:
Rank Player Wins Mar
1 Toh Wei Bin 10 1649
2 Thacha Koowirat 8.5 951
3 Chaiwat Wuthinitikor 8.5 796
4 Liew Kian Boon 8 1669
5 Ramaraj Sundraraj 8 962
6 Cedric Stewart Lewis 8 506
7 Goutham Jayaraman 7 1590
8 Khoo Beng Way 7 1132
9 Sean Chung 7 844
10 Chang Ching Wei 7 738
11 Christian Oktavius 7 577
12 Mohd Khairi Zulkarn 7 194
13 Gabriel Kuo Lijin 7 2
14 Nor Amriah Ab Rahman 7 -541
15 Chollapat Itthi-aree 6 1109
HIGH GAME: Ramaraj Sundraraj 839
HIGH WORD: Liew Kian Boon 149 "RIOTABLE"

Results after game 12
Rank Player Wins Mar
1 Scott Chung 10 1140
2 Preedee Khongthanarat 9.5 1233
3 Ker Jen Ho 9 1184
4 Looi Yih Feng 9 962
5 Irfan Murshidi 9 397
6 Muhammad Nasrom 9 304
7 Charnrit Khongthanarat 8 1578
8 Charas Worapotpisut 8 1554
9 Chang Ching Yet 8 488
10 Mohd Aizuddin Sukeri 8 476
11 Mohd Syazwan Aidid 8 435
12 Wan Mohd Azril 8 310
13 Muhammad Hazim 8 -60
14 Cheong Yi Wei 7.5 833
15 William Kang 7 1676
HIGH GAME: Preedee Khongthanrt 672
HIGH WORD: William Kang 131 "SCORPION"
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Farouk said...

RM350 still beats working for RM4/hr. Bravo Rama! Victory next time ok...

nibiew said...

Thanks for writing about the tournament. Ramaraj played well and deserved a better finish - however I guess that's just the luck of the draw sometimes. Hope to play him again soon.