Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trip to Uttar Pradesh, India_27.10.09

Another trip to India and this time, I went to visit my project site in Uttar Pradesh with my colleague Kong YT. We left KLIA on 27th October 2009 by MAS and arrived in Delhi about 11.00 p.m. The next day we had to catch a train to Jhansi early by 6.15 a.m.

It was my first time travelling by train in India and was worried about the train's condition as I have heard a lot of negative things about Indian trains compounded by what is portrayed in movies.

I was pleasantly surprised as this was a special express train which travels from Delhi passing Agra, Jhansi and other specific stations to Bhopal. There were a lot of tourists taking the train to Agra. It was a comfortable and fast train ride of 3 1/2 hours covering 410 km from Delhi to Jhansi. Snacks and breakfast were served in the morning.

Train ride to Jhansi
Jhansi Train station

Arrived safely in Janshi and stayed overnight to visit our project site involving rehabilitation and upgrading to 4 laning of Jhansi-Lalaitput section totalling 50 km.

Preparatory works for concreting of Pier structure
Completed Bridge Pier structures
Four lane highway under construction

Our Team Leader supervising the construction of the Highway is a Malaysian, Mr. Liew Hin Leong and is assisted by a team of Indian Engineers and Technicians. We stayed with him in the company's Guest House in Jhansi. We had lunch at Jannak's consisting of vegetarian "thalli" of chapatti, naan, rice with delicious vegie dishes.

Lunch at vegetarian shop, Janak's.

Northern Indian "Thalli"

We came back to Delhi by train on 29th night and flew back the next day tired and longing for nasi lemak for breakfast!