Sunday, August 16, 2009

News from India_15.08.09

Two weeks ago, I was in Trichi and Kolar (near Bangalore), India, visiting my highway project sites. It was hot, about 38 degrees, and tiring journey travelling along the highway, where the widening to 4 to 6 lanes of highway of about 70 km each, were in progress. My job was to inspect the existing bridges, check on the construction of new bridges and resolve any site issues arising.
Concreting of kerb at median
Bridge pilecap concreting works
Fresh coconut for a cooling drink
'Ramraj' adverts commonly seen for textile garment

Noted down some articles of interest from the newspaper "The Hindu" on the 4th August 2009 as follows:
  1. The Parliament has adopted 'The Right of children to Free and Compulsory Education Bill, 2009', which envisages free and compulsory education to children in 6-14 age group. It was reported by Mr. Kapil Sibal, Human Resource Development Minister, that presently out of every 100 attending elementary school only 12 reached the graduation level;
  2. The Bengal state government has issued an notification ordering that 15 year old or older buses, trucks, vans etc should not be allowed to operate effective 1st August to check on pollution. The Motor Vehicles Department would not be renewing their permits after the expiry of the stipulated time.
  3. 1st death due to H1N1 in Pune on 3rd August 2009. 14 years old girl was admitted in private hospital on July 26th with high fever and breathlessness. Only on the 31st July, her throat swaps were taken for testing. Her conditioned worsened and died on 3rd August. The Authorities and public were up in arms on the lack of urgency by the private hospital.

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