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Maran Temple Trip_ 29.03.09

On 29th March 2009, we went for a trip to visit the 120 year old Maran temple which is situated 24km Maran-Jerantut Road, Maran, Pahang. A total of 37 of us went by chartered bus after assembling at Port Klang to board the bus at 6.30 o’clock in the morning. The trip to Maran temple took about three hours travelling along the East Coast Highway. We reached the temple just in time for the the morning prayers (Abishegam) at 10.30 a.m. After the prayers we were served vegetarian food at the temple mess. We started back to Klang at two p.m.

It was a memorable trip for me, as my last trip to the temple must be about thirty years ago. At that time, the temple was situated under a tree. The renovation of the temple was carried out on 2007. The temple is renowned for the “Panghuni Uthiram” festival and during Thaipusam when devotes carry kavadis for the parayers for “Lord Murugan”.
Maran Temple
Inside of Maran Temple
Devotees trying yellow cloth to the tree for their wishes
At morning prayers (Abishegam)
Maran Trip Group Photo
Brief History of Maran Temple
(Extracted from website
This temple, dedicated to the Lord Murugan is very important to Hindus in Malaysia and Singapore... It celebrates its festival every March/April and it is estimated that more than 300,000 devotees from all over the country will attend the celebrations each year...The legend about the temple is that about 120 years ago, construction of the road from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan was in progress here... When a large tree was being chopped, it started to bleed... One of the Tamil workers went into a trance at the same time... He said that the tree should be spared and the road laid a short distance away... The British supervisor refused... To everybody's astonishment a figure of a child appeared on the trunk of the tree... The supervisor was surprised and changed his mind... The road was laid away from the tree... The place became sacred, and it took the name of Sri MarathANdava BAla DhandAyuthapANi (Lord Murugan)...
Several true devotees have experienced miracles here... They are bestowed with good fortunes in their lives... The lame had walked, the dumb has spoken and the chronic sick - healed... These miracles are still occurring... (extracts from its website)...
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